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General T's and C's

When you purchase a Share you are agreeing to accept these Terms and Conditions

US/ WE when refered to us is A M Faulkner is the Owner of To Tone Greyhounds A Black the Secretary

All Monies will be held by us,

Once a Share is purchased it remains purchased and once in your name, cannot be sold on to a third party or transferred ,

All dogs remain the property of the To Tone syndicate, 

When you purchase a share it is for the Racing Life of the Dog until it is homed you have no commitment to the dog unless you want to offer it a home, if we are lucky to have a brood bitch or stud dog after its racing life you may be offered discounted deals on Pups.

As we use Social Media, any Owner who's behaviour is deemed aggressive abusive to other owners will be asked to refrain from such behaviour but wont be warned twice if it is sadly neccesary that any owners is asked to leave the above rules will apply.

If we are lucky enough to win a trophy these will be Raffled for all members

Please note we reserve the right to correct mistakes made on the website if you are unhappy please contact us

Please note every Syndicate must have a Head or Lead Owner Annmarie is the owner of To Tone Greyhounds and all dogs are registered in the To Tone Syndicate name

Prior to setting up the Syndicate the GBGB was consulted and there guild lines followed.

If we are lucky enough to win a major prize the Trainer may retain a percentage of the prize money this is normal practice for bigger races

Owners have 31 Days Plus 7 to Pay there Kennel Fees Failure to contact Andy might mean you losing your Ownership, however we will do everything we can to help contact you.

Please Note some Club Dogs have there Own Set of Rules





You are Free to Buy as Many Shares as you wish,  please email us for details, Future Dogs will be offered to the  share holders first,  Your Membership is personal to you, this cannot be transferred, we are delighted to send share certificates as a gift if you are buying as a present, If a Dog goes to Stud all fees will be retained by the Syndicate, if a bitch is bred from any pups will be owned by us, however you will be offered a discounted rate to buy pups, all members are encouraged to take part in any trophy awards however all members must adbide to the track rules, any member that abuse others or behave in a non fitting manner may have there Ownership revoked, this includes all our Media, including text messages berating dogs or worse swearing or name calling, whilst we understand dog racing and Gambling are emotive issues, anybody who gambles does so at there own risk, reviews and text messages are sent in good faith and whilst we hope the dogs run as expected trapping or trouble in a race can affect even the best of dogs, so all gambling is done at your own risks, that said we will give you a warning first and if it contines we will remove you from any of the groups but you will still receive Text messages, if the text messages then involve the above you will be blocked from outgoing and incoming messages,  unless you invoke the option below, once a share is purchased is it sold , we expect any dog to have at least 15 races for you and we will always do our best to ensure the right conclusion happens,  We reserve the right to close schemes down if we do we will inform all the owners of this, via Text Email or by Writing to them.

please see Ts and Cs also


The T/C are correct as of 1st June 2014

Updated 11/02/16 minor word changes





The Dogs

We will attempt to home all Dogs and updates will be publised, we may have to seek help from the Trainer of RGT or RGOA if our efforts fail this will involve a Fee of £200 Payable from any final profit of the dogs, all decisions for the racing career of the dog will be made by us and the trainer, you are more than welcome to put forward ideas or give your opinion (this should be done via phone call text or via email)  however the trainers will only deal with us direct, please do not approach the Trainer in respect of Syndicate business, however if you would like to purchase a dog or would like to speak to Martyn , I will be more than happy to give you his Mobile number,

In the case a dog is deemed not suitable for whatever reason it will be sold and the best deal done for the owners however all owners will be informed before this happens, this is to safeguard you, the may be replaced and unless you tell us otherwise we will take it that you are happy.

The Dogs will continue to race no matter how many Shares are sold any shortfall will be paid by Us.

Should the dog go open racing, the costs will be taken from Prizemoney.


If any Dog gets injured you will receive updates on its recovery if sadly we are advised by the Vet to retire the dog we will do this, the kennel charges for transport as well as treatment all these costs will be shown on the Dogs pages.

Bitches will be allowed to come into season or might be suppressed the decision will be made by Us and the Trainers it is whatever is best for the bitch, When a dog goes to the Vets you will be informed.

Trophies will be drawn out of the hat 1 per share We will also have one entry.  once you have won a trophy you name will be removed until a full cycle is completed giving all share holders a chance, any Jackets won will remain with the Syndicate for advertising purposes, all Major Trophy's if we was lucky to win a Major competition will also remain with us, we may be able offer a photo option at the Kennels, Hat Trick certificates remain with us also but copies may be made availible, however we will attend the Kennels so you can have your photo taken with it as well as Jackets, We are only allowed 12 Passes these have sadly gone. however we can put your name on the gate so you can get in for free for special occasions, if a dog doesnt work out in the case of £99 dogs you might be offered a replacement, there is no cash payback, in the case share purchase dogs which include a kennel bill, the dog will be sold for the best possible price, the money received and any left over kennel bill will be split equal to the shares, if there is a option to switch to another dog this will be offered first, sadly there is nothing certain in dog racing and we will do our upmost to deal with things the best way possible, buying dogs is a risk and this should be taken into account when you buy a share. please speak to me if unsure of anything, However we promise to do our best for you.

please always speak to us if your situation changes we will always do whatever it takes to help.

Dogs should never be seen as a investment but more as a fun hobbie, Greyhounds Shares are sold in the best faith, You are entitled to visit you dog on Sunday mornings 9:40 to 11.45 at Martyns If you decide to Leave the Syndicate you are NOT entitled to Visit the Dogs at the Kennels you will be turned away which will offend, Catagory 1 2 or 3 competition winners may have a trainers percentage attached from the Kennel normally this is 10%. We reserve the right to amend any terms or condition , Each dog may have a different set up these are on the dogs pages by buying a share in that dog you are deemed to of read and understood those terms, The Club Dogs and Pups all have there own terms and conditions on there page, by purchasing any share you are deemed to of read the Terms and Conditions and to of agreed to them. Updated 18/4/16 Any Complaints about anything to do with the Dogs or the Syndicate must be send to me either via Email Text or by Calling Do Not Post your problems on Facebook or any of the Other forums they will be removed,


Please see the Re Homing Page for full details,  however with all our Dogs it is 100% guaranteed that they will all be looked after when they retire, if you are thinking about having a Greyhound as a Pet and would like some help or advise please give me a call or drop me a email I am more than happy to help in any way I can, if you see a dog and would like to offer it a home please get in touch, I can provide a full breakdown of its profile as well as offer holiday cover. 


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