Save Club

Save Club

A Brand New Concept in Syndicate Ownership

How Does it Work ?

You Pay £20 a Month into the Club

This is Saved and will Purchase a New Dog

The Owners make all the Decisions

So as a Owner you are FULLY Part of the Dog

The aim is to start a new club every year

This years club started in January BUT YOU CAN STILL JOIN

See Below for Table

There is already over £1100 in the Pot  and if we reach our Target we will be looking to Purchase a Dog around the £5000 to 6000 area

The Owners decided via a whatsapp discussion, The Following,

Remember each Club can set and change the rules  


1. Cap the Number to of Owners to 25

2. To go for a Open Race Dog

3.They are happy to wait and don't want to purchase a Grader right now

4. To Join you would need to pay up to date then £20 a month

The Discussion is on going with many other things to discuss and decide on, But You can by Joining have a full say, including naming the Dog

Its Bank Transfer only (No Paypal) But you can Set up a Standing Order

Currently there are 13 Members so £1320 will be saved by the end of May


May = 5 Months of the Years so Entry Cost is £100

And £20 a month from June

(this matches what everybody would of paid)

Simply Add £20 a Month for Entry at a later stage

At any Stage you can have your Money Back, all of it Yes 100%


The Kennel fees and costs will be


Split between all Owners 

All Owners will Share in Prize Money, A further discussion is to take place on this however

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