Meet the Team 


Hello I'm Andy I'm your Main Admin, Dog Lover, and Master of the Info, but I am also very happy to help in anyway I can Answer any Questions you might have Please ask away ,its vital to me that the Dogs have a full life and not just racing, indeed I have 4 Greys at home myself, Photo taken at Romford on One of Our Social Nights

We really do care about the Dogs not just now but also there Future

So All our Dogs have a Retirement Pot and Vets Pot,

Owners can help if they so wish

Please ask for more details if you want to help

We are Sponsored by Andy's Dog Treats


Hi I'm Scully my Fav Colour in Red, as I love the Red Jacket, I've Won 10 times and Last Sept Won 4 in a Row to become Dog of the Month, I was Born June 17 and I love a bit of fuss, if your coming down the Kennels on a Sunday Walk me Walk me Walk me please


My name is Dan and I just Love to Play, here I am in my Kennel doing just that, like Scully I was born in June 17 but I've only run 30 times (June 20) 7 Wins to my name
Now excuse me but its Nap Time

Fund 1. Retire £35

Updated 28/09

Fund 2. Vets £25


Fund 1. Retire £40

Updated 28/09

Fund 2. Vets £25


Hello my Name is Flo, I ran in the Puppy Cup Last week but took a bump and came 4th, My Name is being Changed but I'm already loving the Set up at the Gables, as above might imply I am just a Pup but I've done 24:47, Loving being a To Toner 

Fund 1. Retire £80.00

Updated 28/09

Fund 2. Vets £75.00


I'm Blue but never sad what am I ? Yes I'm Grace currently I'm in Season June 20 but I will be back soon, I'm really looking forward to running over 575 , See you soon, April 18, Grace is due to return in August looking forward to seeing her run  


Fund 1. Retire £30

Updated 28/09

Fund 2. Vets £20


I'm Bruno, TT Mars, April 19 so I can't start to race until July 20, sorry I have to stop as you beheaded my mate Chris who looks after me, My Mum is To Tone Tas who Won 7 A1's and 23 Races, I will trial again on the 12th August having done grading time 1st look  

Fund 1. Retire £22

Updated 28/09

Fund 2. Vets £20

We are Liam and Maddie just 2 of the 4 Dogs that Live with Andy, as you can see we Love to run around, Life after Racing is always at the forefront of the Syndicate thoughts, and if your Wonder what the Dogs Retirement fund does ? when a Dog Retires from racing we hope to find a home for it, if we can then a pack of food, bowls lead, Jacket, Muzzle etc will be provided for the new owners, if the Dog goes to one of the homing houses then they charge a fee for going in, plus any transport costs and of course the Dog has to be Spayed, But the above funds are never Profit making as anything left over will be split and paid back to the Owners, this mean a pay out but the main thing is the Dog has the Best Chance to find a Lovely Home 
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