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March News 
4 of our 5 Dogs Won, now you can't get better than that, We also had a Fantastic Cheltenham Competition and lots of fun as we went, and the Butchers Apron Club is picking up pace, we will soon get the right dog but we have bid for a couple, We also Welcomed New Owners and its always great fun as they find there way and well I'm going to say it, its always positive feedback as they find out how much is done, mind you they still have the Newsletter to read yet Lol, Sadly Grace picked up a minor injury after giving the best stayers in the country a start but she caught them by the pick up, Grace will have a rest until early May now, but will return 100%, New Owners are always Welcome just get in touch  

We really do care about the Dogs not just now but also there Future

(Dan and Scully were Homed in Jan 21) Both Retired in December

So All our Dogs have a Retirement Pot and Vets Pot,

Owners can help if they so wish, but the right and correct thing is always done


Hello my Name is Flo, I ran in the Puppy Cup as I did 24:47 in a trial, that meant that nasty grader put me in with the Big boys straight away, but I am finding my feet and I've now Won over 4 and 6 Bends, I am enjoying life and my Boss tells me that I'm quite a big girl, and that in his view I will be a late bloomer, my Story is interesting, The Syndicate had a Dog called Sam sadly Sam didn't work out so with a home for Sam found he was Retired but Andy decided that his Owners shouldn't lose out so he brought me to replace Sam out of his Own Pocket, as he says "The Right thing will always be done, Flo has since Won Twice and will be better suited to the faster going in the spring, when she leads over 6 bends we always have a chance

Fund 1. Retire £80

Updated 11/04

Fund 2. Vets £65.00


What's Blue but never sad, Yes thats me Grace, I was in Season June 20 2020, And I've Won a Open Race over 8 Bends, and have Won over 6 and 4 bends, and I was delighted when Kelly joined us as she is my Half Sister, I Love all the Fuss so I can't wait until the Kennels Open again, I do love running for my Owners who are the best and I think they are very happy as i don't cost them very much at all, Thanks for Reading this little bit about me and if you want to know more about any of us Dogs just ask Andy
Latest 16th March 2020, Grace has a couple of minor issues so she will now have a 6 week break to allow her all the time she needs to recover

Fund 1. Retire £100

Updated 11/04

Fund 2. Vets £20.00



I'm Bruno, TT Mars, April 19 my Mum is the Famous To Tone Tas who Won 23 Races including A1 Races at Romford I will make my Debut in October, they call me Bruno must be as I'm a Knock Out Lol, I'm now despite my young age graded over 4 and 6 bends where my real future lies. Due to lack of runs in : Jan and Feb its been a little frustrating but I'm starting to show my form again Bring on the Spring
28/03 Bad Luck seems to follow poor Bruno his race was cancelled so he now runs on Monday 29th Fingers Crossed for the Good run and if he could just get a clean run it would be fantastic
Latest 6th April : I got a Clear run and Yes you got it I Won .. whossssh I went Lol    

Fund 1. Retire £100

Updated 11/04

Fund 2. Vets £80


*Shares for Sale *

Hi I'm Kelly born June 19, She has Great early pace but has been given time, which will pay off I'm sure, at the end of Jan we feel she is nearly ready to put her best paw forward, And in Feb she did just that a Runaway Win in 24:58, Kelly then went on to Win again after slipped at the start on the 1st March and showed she was a Brave girl as well, and then she managed to complete her Hat Trick, she is only a Pup so plenty to come
Latest 11th April Kelly Won her 5th Race on the 10th April now up to A3 and still a Pup  
I'm Half Sister to Grace who has Won over 4 bends in 24:14, Runs in S1 and and in Feb 2021 Won a 8 Bend Open Race 

Fund 1. Retire £55


Fund 2. Vets £55


*Shares for Sale *

Hi I'm Kat Born June 19, Kat was very green and such a baby so we have given her time and I am sure her Owners will be rewarded, she will be much better once Spring comes with a bit of sun on her back, but at the end of Jan we are pleased where she is and she isn't far off now, since I wrote that on the 01/02 Kat Won it was in Feb a lovely Run and showed some real potential, and followed it u with a battling Win on March 1st, she really showed she has learned and how much she wanted it. we look forward to Spring  

Fund 1. Retire £30


Fund 2. Vets £30

We are Liam and Maddie just 2 of the 4 Dogs that Live with Andy, as you can see we Love to run around, Life after Racing is always at the forefront of the Syndicate thoughts, and if your Wonder what the Dogs Retirement fund does ? when a Dog Retires from racing we hope to find a home for it, if we can then a pack of food, bowls lead, Jacket, Muzzle etc will be provided for the new owners, if the Dog goes to one of the homing houses then they charge a fee for going in, plus any transport costs and of course the Dog has to be Spayed, But the above funds are never Profit making as anything left over will be split and paid back to the Owners, this mean a pay out but the main thing is the Dog has the Best Chance to find a Lovely Home
Sammy (Fawn) and Charlie doing his Elvis are below 
Hi I'm Dan and I'm now living the Life in my New Home with my Lovely Family No more Racing for me, I moved in in Jan 2021 with my Mate Betsy, and its great to say like all the To Tone Dogs that I have a Greyt Life After Racing, did you see what I did there Lol, Thanks to all my Owners
Hi I'm Scully and I've also been Retired and I should be going to my New Home with Dave and Penny in Oxford at the end of Jan21
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