We Started in March 2014 this was written Nov 2017

Since then I have made so many Lifelong friends and together have had so many Wonderful Dogs well over 300 Winners and nearly 70 Trophy's some of the best Night's of my Life out with Owners at Romford and in 3 Years and 8 Months had to send 1 Dog to the Homing Centre that was sadly as she bite another Dog, so our record of homing our Own Dogs is 2nd to None (15 so far),

We have also Bred our Own Litter who are due on the Track early 2018 and now have our own Reared Facility, so we have come a long way,


When I think of Dogs I feel Passion Love and a bit of Worry, I myself have 4 Greyhounds as Pets Charlie Maddie Liam and Samm


We go into 2018 with the Industry Changing due to the Bookmakers and SIS and ARC and my View is this is a Golden Chance to Greyhound Racing Yes of course we all want to see our Dogs run on a Saturday Night, have a Few Beers and take on the Bookies but sadly we have to move with the times, what will be good is we should be able to Record and Post nearly Every Race up Minutes after its run so even if Owners are at work they can view it when they can, The Excitement has always been there, and I can honestly say the To Toners are without Doubt the BEST, and its a Massive Thanks to Martyn Wiley and his Team for all the effort they put in for the Dogs who are always in A1 Condition

In 2018 we will Rear 2 Pups they will cost just £125 for everything until they are 12 Months Old when they will start there Schooling at Martyn's Kennels





To Tone Greyhounds Started from the Love of Greyhounds, not racing but the dogs themselves, a pup was purchased and the cheeky fella who was jumping the highest was to become To Tone Charlie, at that stage he could well of become Starlight Charlie or Ska Charlie, but To Tone was settled on due to my love of To Tone Music,


At that stage there was no ideas of a syndicate and Charlie went to Swindon where he won 10 races in his period of racing there, including a Bags Championship Race where It was a pleasure to speak with Mr Greyhound himself, Errol Blythe,  Errol then interviewed me after Charlie had Won and quite a few mates nearly choked when they saw my ugly mug on the telly in the bookies,

Whilst Charlie was racing Buster and Sammy were being reared at home.


The Syndicate itself was a idea in Feb 14 and after lots of hard work setting it up, in March 2014 it was launched, and Buster became our 1st runner and indeed our 1st winner on the 20th March, Sammy who is To Tone Dancer and Charlie joined him racing shortly to be followed by Coco, by the end of 2014 we had 45 Winners, 14 Trophy's and lots of fun including meeting loads of the owners at Social events, as we go into 2016 we have now had over 110 Winners, and grown into one of the Best known Syndicates in the UK with 18 Greyhounds.


Its not all been plain sailing, sadly Buster got detached in a race and had a play with another dog, even though he went clean through his re-trials it was clear to me it was best to retire him, he was homed and is having the time of his life, including playing football most days bless him, all Busters owners were offered there money back,  

Charlie picked up a serious injury and following a operation and 9 weeks at home is planning to return in March of 2015,

Sammy also picked up a injury and again is at home and will return with Charlie,

Sadly Coco also picked up a career ending injury, but throughout the owners have been brilliant and I think I have done everything I can to make things right,

Pepper was also retired and a home found for her, and Chilli also has been homed, Charlie returned to Racing and Won his comeback race a A1 another win followed but he was getting sore so has come home and now enjoys all the luxury of being with his Dad, Maddie is also at home with Charlie and 5 of the current racers have Forever homes, but we are always after the right homes so get in touch if we can help each other (free holiday care is a bonus for you)


The plan going forward is for injured dogs to come home and be treated, before being returned to the kennels, but not before having a full makeover inside and out


On that Subject many in the syndicate will know I am able to give Holistic massage, stretch and Swim and excerise dogs back to fitness, indeed during 2014 and 2015 I have reared another 2 pups Maddie and Liam, I love getting up at 5 am cutting up Veg, preparing there meat, which is always best quality Beef/Chicken/Venison/Fish etc, actually when I say Love I might mean ahhhh but the dogs are everything to me, and along with the owners are the most important things, my aim is make all the owners happy and so many new to the game have joined and I have taken great pleasure answering all there questions, and indeed helping them on all things greyhounds.


Each Syndicate has a head person and Annmarie Faulkner is the Head and registered keeper of the Syndicate and Stud Book name, I Andy do the admin for the syndicate.


We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the 21st March with owners coming from Scotland Ireland and all over England for the meal in the Pavilion Resturant at Romford, a day after our 1st winner.


Dogs have been added along the way, and I am so proud of them all, Chilli Pepper Socks Lexi Sandy Roxy Tina Max and Lacey as well as Charlie Sammy Buster, the plans are to continue to grow but to do this naturally, I don't want to push dogs on people so our future dogs will happen on a natural basis, I will add £99 dogs and Dogs with 15 or 20 Shares as these numbers seem to be what owners want, and I listen to Owners and I have added a Competition The Last Man Standing, we will also have another one during the Cheltenham Festival and indeed the Grand National plus Royal Ascot


Update 22nd June 2015 :

During 2014 I reared Maddie and Liam at home who will both return home once here racing lifes are over, both were sent to Dunham for schooling with the excellent Jane Houghton, both were ready to start trials in May 2015 however Maddie came into Season so came home, in the meantime Liam had his trials before making his debut in a A4 at just 16 months old, he was slow away took a bump but surged into the lead winning in a calculated 24:40 Yes Tears were in my eyes and I am proud to say that, we look forward to Maddie and hope that Liam stays safe and sound and hope both pups have great careers.


I am able to take in your Greyhounds if you want to go on Holiday or a weekend away, contact me if you would like this.


I would also love to hear from Businesses who would like to purchase a Dog, given shares to workers, I would manage the project for you, Hold a Social event where I would be on hand to help and advise all.


And of course if you would like to Sponsor us please get in touch 


07933 266874

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