Homes Wanted | To Tone Greyhound Syndicate 


Greyhound make Wonderful Pets, I should know as I have 4 of them, 2 short walks a day is all they, easy to feed and they are so loving  


If you are  Interested in having a Greyhound as a Pet ?

Maybe a To Tone Dog,

Please get in touch we can Talk 

Plan Together

Check List of what you need

What you can expect


, if you want more Details Please email me

Or Ring or Text

07933 266874

We make it as easy as we can, take the Dog for a Walk, Talk to our Trainer, Kennel Staff they will all be happy to help

We even provide a Bag of Food to help

Above is the Lovely Dan


Full info email me

Home's will only be accepted in the UK and Ireland



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