Shares for Sale

Current Shares for Sale
ToTones Dan/Sam/Bruno
Or Something Different
The To Tone Save Gamble and Purchase Club
Club Closes in FEB so Don't Delay
£20 a Month
Money 100% Safe
The Members will decide in 6 months
to Buy a Dog or carry on 6 month
Projection is £3000 in the Pot
FREE Gambles Playing With Profit on Tips given
Fun with Friends and a aiming for a Top Class Dog
To Tone Dan
June 17
Currently Racing A4 (Feb)
£99 a Share
1 off Cost
24 Races 6 Wins (Feb 20)
For those who want to get involved now
To Tone Sam Aug 18 Pup
2 Trials Very Very Green
Very Slow away but he will get there
25.99 12th Feb


Photo Below


10 Shares £150 Each 10% all Prize Money and 10% of Costs
To Tone Mars April 19 Pup
Out of our own A1 Winner TT Tas
He will Start Racing in June/July 2020
He is being reared  by Martyn  where all the Dog are Trained
Email me Direct
For Full Details
Bruno 3rd Feb (White Chest)
Playing Chase the Ball






So Why Not Join the fun and I'm Certain You Won't Find Any Syndicate that is Cheaper or Gives you as much information
And We are 100% working with the Idea that Every Dog is a Dog for Life so we will always do everything we can to find homes for the Dogs























Joining what Do you Get ?
Share Certificate made out the Way you Want it
Welcome Letter which Explains Everything
Photo of your Dog
Notice when your Dog in Running Min 2 Days before
Facebook Posting
Race Review Via Text
Race Result
As Many Video's as We can Record for you, this should be Blanket Coverage in 2018
Newsletter Every 2 Weeks for Owners Only
Daily Posts in our Closed Facebook Page
Interaction with Other Owners
Even the Odd Tip
Social Events (Next in April at Romford)



And you become Part of the To Tone Family
So why Not Join in the Fun Today











Greyhound Syndicate UK

From Owners who have Joined the Syndicate
I am made to Feel Like a Owner not a Member
I Won the Dogs Share Money Back and Paid 6 Months Kennel Bills Thanks for the Tip Andy
It Truly is Great Fun and a Pleasure to be involved with the Syndicate
Owning Dogs can be a bit like a Rollar Coaster but everybody in the Syndicate rides the Bumps Together, its great
I Love the Banter and have made some Friends for Life
The Information is 2nd to None 
I was Amazed when I found out you !! Andy does all the Work Himself he Really Works Hard so Impressed
Amazed how Cheap it is
Marley as a Pup Bottom Left
On the Right Click on the Box to send me a Email



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