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Current Shares for Sale

And How You Pay


 Shares for Sale

For  how they work see below


How it works 

You pay a one off Joining Fee £150

This covers the Purchase of the Dog, all costs, Transport, GBGB Cost.

Kennel Fee is £20 a month

At the end of the Dogs career the Savings Pot is Split

The Maths :

There are 20 Shares but it Club works on less

Owner Fees Add The Prize money

Less Kennel Fees

What is left is Saved 

We know it works, The Jack D Club has proven this

Do not pay any Money now as we need 15 to make it work, please register your interest, The Dog will not be added until Hope is homed.

When buying a Share we think its only fair we explain everything and answer any questions, that way you fully understand and there won't be any surprise's we promise you that.

Buying a Share is yours for the racing life of the Dog, you cease to be a owner if you fail to pay the fees, don't worry we give plenty of grace and reminders

Kennel Fees depend of the Dog or Club


Club cost are £20 

Single Dog like Faith will be £15 a month less prize money

The Clubs aims are set out above

Faith Below

To Tone faith

Oct 22 Pup

out of own special girl

to tone grace

24:14 4 bends, S1 Wins, E1 Win and Open Win

Bred with Ice on Fire 

Shares cost £180  

that's everything included until she is 16 months old when we hope she will be racing


Nan has been Retired 25th Jan, but the great news is she is off to live with our old fella Socks, in Portland Bill


Sadly Kat has to retire due to injury Oct 28th (Homed 23rd Nov)



Use the Form above

or read below to see how to join


Plans and Puppy Time

We are Responsible Owners and take Homing the Dogs as the number 1 Priority below Fits this please read on

We are always trying different Options but the aim always the Same to Bring you the Best Value 


 The Three Steps to Join

1. Pick your Dog or Dogs


2. Pay the Money 

Bank Transfer

A Black 

3777 1391

Sort Code 07 04 36

Or Via Paypal

3. Email me  

I will reply and Sort everything out 

!! SIMPLE !!

Paypal as a Gift use the Email Address

Email me


Feel Free to Ask Questions 


Race Reviews come Via Text and Whatsapp

We have a Closed for Owners Facebook Page

Monthly Newsletters and Updates




07933 266874


Email me for Details

Get involved NOW, its Racing with a Conscience, as we home all our Dogs and indeed Every Dog has its Own Retirement Fund

You can also Pay Via Cheque or Cash

Contact for Details or of you need help


Excellent Value 

Greyhound Syndicates UK

Get In Touch

Thanks for submitting! I will be in Touch ASAP

Faith 2.jpg

Get in touch

If using Paypal Send as a Gift pls




Name  : A Black

Account No 37 77 13 91

Sort Code 07 04 36

100% Safe

Bank Transfers are the Safe and Easy Way to Pay for your Share

You can also Pay Via Paypal

Cheques or Cash

(Special Dely for Cash)

Please ask if you need any Help.

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