Current Shares for Sale

And How You Pay



Shares for Sale

      To Tone Kat (Photo on the left)

And Or

       To Tone Kelly (Photo on right)

Kelly has Won 4 Times her Latest Win on the 29th March 24:55 now up to A4

Kat has Won Twice now in A8

Kat needs to fill out still    

£99 a Share Each


£179 for the 2 Pups


Kennel Fees are Less Prize Money each month


1st Months Kennel Fees Free


Kelly 3 months cost her Owners £3.50 Kat £11 



Here is How to Join us

If unsure Email me

Select what you would like from the Above

Pay the Money 

£99 for 1 share

£179 for 2 SALE PRICE


Let me Know which Pup or Pups

And Then

Email me  

I will reply and Once Paid send you your Certificates

Photo's and Welcome Letter

Bank Transfer


Paypal use the Email Address

Debit/Credit Cards

Email me


Feel Free to Ask Questions 


Monthly Kennel Fees 

Fees are a Max £10 a month, that's the most you will ever pay but you Share in All Prize Money Fees are normally the Price of a Pint

Race Reviews come Via Text and Whatsapp

We have a Closed for Owners Facebook Page

Monthly Newsletters and Updates



Email me for Details

You will get a Certificate/ Photo's / Welcome Letter Via Email

And access to our Closed Facebook Page when you Join 


Get involved NOW, its Racing with a Conscience, as we home all our Dogs and indeed Every Dog has its Own Retirement Fund

How to Pay

If you need help just get in touch


Bank Transfer

A Black


Account 3777 1391

Sort Code 07 04 36

To Tone as REF


How to use Paym

  • Log into your mobile banking app

  • Choose to send a mobile payment

  • Select who to pay from your phone's contacts, or enter their mobile number

  • Enter the amount

  • The money should reach their account within two hours

You can also Pay Via Cheque or Cash

Contact for Details or of you need help


Excellent Value 




  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Get In Touch

If using Paypal Send as a Gift pls




Name  : A Black

Account No 37 77 13 91

Sort Code 07 04 36

100% Safe

Bank Transfers are the Safe and Easy Way to Pay for your Share

You can also Pay Via Paypal

Cheques or Cash

(Special Dely for Cash)

Please ask if you need any Help.

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