The Butchers apron members Club


by To Tone Greyhounds

Presenting the Butchers Apron Club

Latest News

We will be Buying our 1st Dog Very Soon

Welcome to our New Owners in April



The Butchers Apron is named after Trap 6 of course , Stripes or Butchers Apron 


It's a Members Club it works slightly different than a Normal Syndicate

The Aim is to Save as we have Fun

The Club will start with 1 Dog and then add more as we go along

How does it work ?

It will cost £20 a month plus a 1 off Joining Fee

The aim is to Save all Prize Money plus Extra Fees, this will used to buy a 2nd Dog but won't cost the members any more money

There are 2 Options

A one off £400 Covers 12 months inc the Joining Fee

or £160 to Join and then £20 a Month, Via Standing Order


Monthly Statements for all , so you always know where you are

Plus All the information you need and more, Full Race Reviews via Whatsapp, Text Group, End of Month Statement, Private Page on Website

It will never cost more than £20 no matter how many Dogs we have

This is a Non Profit Club as the end of month Statements will show, any and everything left will be saved

I can email you the Projections over, but in short if you can afford £20 a month This is for you

No Cost to you until we have the Dog, Your Payment is 100% Safe

Email me Direct for a Full Prospectus 

We aim to Target Wide Runners, We might Bid at Auctions or Buy Privately 

The More Members the Quicker we save and that second Dog is added, Dog 2 will be a £3000 Plus Purchase 

Email me Today

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