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So you might of read on the Home Page that we started in 2013, you might even know we Race at Romford and have had over 500 Winners, here I will try to answer some common Questions and hopefully give you the information that you want, However it's worth pointing out that I am always Willing to answer any questions you might have

If you have more Simply Email Andyblack007@outlook.com

I will reply ASAP

Questions :  Q A and C = My Comment

Q : How much does it cost ?

A: You have 2 Costs,

1st off there is the One off cost of Buying the Share, 

2nd you share in the Fees ,

To give you a Idea if the Fees for the Month are £250 and the Dog earns £250 the Cost to you is ZERO

If the Fees are £250 and the Dog earns £150 then the £100 is Split Over the Owners

If its £250 but the Dog earns £400 you Share in the £150 which is added to your Accounts

Q: How do we know what the Fees are

A: Each Dog gets a Group Text at the end of the month, telling you what the Cost is

C: You can always Text me Direct or indeed Email me if you want a Update on your Account or if you have a Question

Q: I don't get paid till the 10th

A: Pay after the 10th

C; Ideally Payments should be made during the following month, however if the Cost is under a £5 you might wish to carry this over to the Following Month, just let me know

Q: How do I Pay

A: You can Pay Via Bank Transfer, You can also use Paypal but we ask that you send as a Gift to save the Fees they charge, We also take a Cheques,


C: Please Note you can also Pay in Advance some Owners like to send 3 months Fees and the amount is adjusted in your accounts, Overall we try to make it as easy as we can

Q: What is my Account

A: Every Owner has a Share Number, at the end of each month against your name your account is adjusted

C; Trophies are also drawn out against Share number of a dog

Q: How Many Shares are there and what is my Percentage

A: Normally there are 20 Shares in a Dog, this allows the Cost to be kept down to you, there are some exceptions but you will be told this at the start

C: Percentage Wise its 5% on a 20 Share Dog , however in my View, Every Owner gets Treated the same as any Owner should, owing 10% or 25% of a Dog Simply Costs you more to buy into and for the Fees, and simply gets you nothing more than we offer in return

Q: Can I buy a Share as a Birthday Present

A: Yes of course I will even email if over on the Special Day and as the Welcome letter covers everything it can be tailored to make the day extra special

Q; I was really looking for a One Off Cost Rather than paying Monthly Fees

A: Just Contact me there are limited Lifetime Shares for Sale

C:  Ideal for Presents as there are no ongoing Costs

Q; What do I get

A: Texts telling you when your Dog runs or Trials (Normally 2 days in advance) a Race Review given my view on the Race, a Result Text, and whenever we can I post the Race Video for you to see, You will also be invited into our Closed Facebook Group, Whatsapp group for your Dog where you can talk to other owners, plus via email you get our Monthly Newsletter

C: You can also Walk your Dog at the Kennels in Wickford on Sunday and talk to our Trainer who you might just find cooking up the Breakfast , Bacon Roll from the On site Cafe anybody ?

Q: Who Trains the Dogs

A; Martyn Wiley but I must add he has a Fantastic Team around him, the Dogs get the Best Care you will find, and its a Family Affair as Ernie Martyn's Dad used to Train before him, and Mum Pat runs the Office  

Q : What happens if a Dog gets injured

A: Sadly this happens Dogs Travel at 35 Mph plus so it something we have to face Please Read C

C: We are in the Best Place we could be Its Not only the Aftercare that is 1st Class, its the ability to even spot problems before the Dogs race, Injured Dogs can be Treated in the On Site Medical room where you will find the latest Equipment and with the Vets a short drive, we are in the best place to get the Dogs right, Dog will only ever be allowed back when its right for them

C: Cost Normally the costs are not as expensive as you would find down the High Street, clearly sometimes its serious but unless we need a Operation its not going to cost too much to be fair, You will however always be kept up to date

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