Greyhound Syndicate UK

And Introducing

(Photo Right)

To Tone Mars

(AKA Bruno)

April 19 Pup

 To Tone

 Greyhound Syndicate

Where having a Share makes all the Difference

Tel 07933 266874




Welcome To Our Website


Our Owners will tell you 

"Having a Share makes a Race Really mean something"


"It's the Build up to a Race I love, all the Insights and Views, and the excitement looking forward to the Race, it really adds to my Race Days"

Established 2013

We Started with View of what Owners Really Want


So You Get

Full Information about your Dog

​​​No Hidden Costs

Easy to Get Involved

Simply Buy a Share,

Share in all Prize Money,

And Share the Costs

We Race at Romford

Pay Monthly or in Advance

It doesn't matter if you have 5% 10% or more

With us you are FULLY a Owner

 Fully Involved

In short You really Matter

You will always get Texts update on Your Dog

As Many Video's as Possible Shown

There is a Facebook (Closed) Group

Whatsapp Discussion talk to other owners

Monthly Newsletter

Plus a Whole Lot More 

Kennel Visits Sunday (Wickford)

Social Nights at Romford

All Questions Answered


Certificate / Photo / and Welcome sent via Email

So it makes a Fantastic Gift

My Short Bio

I simply fell in Love with Greyhounds when I was 13

I even Saved all my money from my paper round to buy my 1st Greyhound,

Ben lived till he was 10 Years old and at first I had to hide him away from my Landlady,

but she found out and promptly fell in Love with him herself

After being involved in Greyhounds nearly all my life

In 2013 I was asked if I would sell a share in my Pup,

I agreed and the Syndicate was started,

and that Dog To Tone Charlie still lives with me and my 3 other Greyhounds to this day

Homing is very close to our Hearts, and on the photo page you can find just a few of the photo's of dogs after racing, Unlike some its so important that we won't just buy dogs for the sake of it

I've been in Syndicate's myself and found the lack of information Terrible so I will ALWAYS have you in mind

We even try to let you know the Latest News from the Track should a Dog Sadly have problems, and follow it up after any Vets Visit


 Keeping you up to Date with all the Latest News is key

Please feel Free to ask Questions, and if I can help with other Greyhound issues please let me know

Find us on Facebook (Copy and Paste)

There is a Closed Page for Owners and Open for all


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